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Volunteer-powered for the community

Launched in November 2015, the Clocktower Market has been using volunteer-power to bring the community together for over five years now!

Run by a small committee of local residents, we pride ourselves on offering gazebo and table rental so that start-up business ideas can find the perfect place to bring their product to local consumers. All our profits are ploughed back in to the market, allowing us to charge lower pitch rates than any other London market. All this is possible through our wonderful volunteers - so go to "Get involved" if you like the idea of making a difference. 

A big shout-out must go to the original group of volunteers who got the market off the ground, using their own money at first. Thank you Clocktower Market OG's:

Rachael Gould • Rebecca Nutt

Tiernan Hanby • David Joseph

Jasmine Morris • Sarah Samuelson

Rose Bartlett • Karen Elitamby

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Meet the volunteers who make the market possible.




Karen has been part of the market since the very beginning, and knows everything there is to know (including how not to catch your hand in a gazebo, which is vital).

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Trader Administration

Lesley is always on the lookout for interesting new traders to join our diverse community market.  She also looks after our valued and existing traders making sure they all have the information they need. 



Treasurer & Events

We don't know how she does it, but Tracey runs her own business, volunteers with the South Norwood festival, and is always across our finances and events. Pay late at your peril!

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Social and content

Alessandra is the person who makes our market come alive on Instagram and Facebook. Small but mighty, she's one of the quickest at doing set-up.

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Press & marketing

Piera is the person to talk to if you are interested in collaborating with the market or you want to write about us in local news outlets.

About: Team Members
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